CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Kendra Hazlett, 27, sits at a round wooden table next to an open window in the reception area of Cleveland's Hitchcock Center for Women treatment facility on a breezy early September morning, and waits to hear what the psychiatric nurse sitting next to her can offer to ease her withdrawal symptoms. The Youngstown woman is five days into "bare knuckle" detoxification from heroin and crack cocaine use, meaning she's not been given any prescription medications to help. Her face, scrubbed of makeup, is also free of emotion -- she's not feeling much except for what withdrawal is making her feel, she says: "a ton of anxiety and pain." Dark circles line her eyes. She rubs compulsively at the pink and white remains of two small healed sores on her eyebrow and temple. Thomas Huggins, a psychiatric nurse with the Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio, sits next to her with a stack of paperwork to fill out.