On April 17, we welcomed Greater Cleveland Drug Court Program Coordinator Dr. Daryl Jackson and his team to Hitchcock. The team made the visit to learn more about gender-specific issues exclusively surrounding women with trauma that are currently active participants within the Greater Cleveland Drug Court Program.

Dr. Jackson shared some of his insights from the visit: "The trauma-informed care approach acknowledges the high prevalence of traumatic experiences in persons who will receive services through the Greater Cleveland Drug Court. This approach also acknowledges that when staff members possess a thorough understanding of the profound neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects of trauma and violence on the individual and family; women and girls have better outcomes of success and can go on to live complete and healthy lives,” says Dr. Jackson.

Working with key partners throughout our community is an essential component to ensuring women receive the treatment services they need to begin to heal and become whole again.

For more information about our visit and partnership: https://clevelandmunicipalcourt.org/judicial-services/court-programs-services/drug-court/drug-court-team-visits-hitchcock-center-for-women