Jason Joyce

President & CEO

Jason Joyce, a seasoned mental health and addiction recovery services leader, has seamlessly blended empathetic leadership with strategic and innovative initiatives throughout his career. Serving as the President and CEO of Hitchcock Center for Women since 2020, he has pioneered invaluable approaches in residential treatment, notably establishing mother-child conducive environments, and adeptly secured $27 million in funding and tax credits for infrastructural development.

His prior impactful roles include transformative leadership at Recovery Resources as Chief Clinical Officer, where he catalyzed a Behavioral Health Redesign and supported an affiliation with MetroHealth, and strategic directorial positions at Bellefaire JCB, where he not only converted deficits into profits but also expanded service capacities in both foster care and outpatient services.

Jason’s career, deeply rooted in advocating for enhanced mental health and recovery services, epitomizes progressive leadership, client-centered advocacy, and strategic innovation, solidifying him as a champion for mental health and addiction recovery initiatives within Northeast Ohio.

Eilish Counts

Clinical Director

Eilish Counts serves as the Clinical Director at the Hitchcock Center for Women, where she plays a crucial role in empowering women through her dedication to clinical excellence and compassionate care. With experience as an outpatient counselor, Eilish brings valuable experience to her leadership role, fostering a supportive environment for individuals seeking help.

Known for her exceptional leadership skills, Eilish Counts is committed to creating a culture of teamwork and collaboration within the center. Her ability to guide and inspire her team enables them to work cohesively towards the common goal of providing comprehensive and effective care for women in need. Eilish is a passionate advocate for women’s well-being, utilizing her expertise to champion important causes and raise awareness about issues affecting women. Her advocacy extends beyond the clinical setting as she strives to make a positive impact on the broader community. Her dedication to empowering women, coupled with her leadership skills, teamwork ethos, and advocacy commitment, make her an invaluable asset to the Hitchcock Center for Women.

Brian Merlini


Kimberly Fowler

Care Specialist Supervisor

Kim began her career with HCFW as a Care Specialist and transitioned to the Care Specialist Supervisor role in ­2010. With almost 15 years of experience as the Care Specialist Supervisor, Kim is a dedicated professional with a passion for women’s rehabilitation. In her pivotal role, Kim ensures that we deliver high-quality care to our clients. Leading by example, she embodies the core values of empathy and professionalism that define Hitchcock Center for Women’s caregiving philosophy. Kim’s unwavering dedication and commitment make her an indispensable asset to the Hitchcock community. With her wealth of experience, unwavering dedication, and compassionate leadership, Kim Fowler continues to uphold the highest standards of care at Hitchcock Center for Women, ensuring that every client receives the support and attention they deserve.

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