Outpatient Treatment

Obtain the care you need while maintaining your everyday life.

Let us recommend a treatment option that works for you.

Every woman under our care has a unique situation, and our Outpatient Treatment programs are individualized to help them meet their goals. While these programs share the same focus on your total well-being as our Residential Treatment and Housing Recovery programs, you receive the treatment services you need while living at home.
Hitchcock Center for Women’s Outpatient Treatment services are designed to help you maintain your recovery, improve your health, strengthen your family, and increase self-sufficiency. At your first meeting, we will perform an assessment to identify the most appropriate treatment option. We consider your medical needs, living situation, and any co-occurring conditions that may be underlying factors in your substance abuse.

Three levels of care:

Level 1 – Outpatient Counseling Services

This level of care typically meets weekly and uses recovery or motivational enhancement therapies to assist in reducing use patterns. Services typically consist of individual and group counseling on site or through telehealth.

Level 2.1 – Intensive Outpatient Services

This level of care consists of 9 or more hours of service a week to treat multidimensional substance use issues. Level 2.1 encompasses services that can meet the complex needs of clients with addiction and co-occurring conditions.

Level 2.5 – Partial Hospitalization Services

This level of care provides 20 or more hours of service a week for substance use issues that do not require 24-hour care. It is an organized outpatient service that delivers treatment services 4-5 days a week, including multiple individual and group sessions. It is intended to be a brief service typically lasting 14 days or less.

These services are delivered by our professionally licensed staff who have master’s degrees in social work and counseling.

Acute signs and symptoms of addiction.

Whether you are exiting a residential treatment program and need continued support, experiencing a life-changing event that triggered a relapse, or are simply beginning to see your drug or alcohol use as problematic, our experienced team can recognize and assist with the acute signs and symptoms of substance abuse disorders.

It is important to proactively seek help for addiction before it causes major personal, physical, or legal problems. If you are at a place where you think you might need treatment but aren’t entirely sure, consider the signs below:

  • Dangerous use patterns such as an overdose, driving while under the influence, or blacking out.

  • Substance use driven relationship problems or conflicts with others.

  • Failing to meet responsibilities at work, school, or home because of substance use.

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms upon stopping the use of the substance.

  • Building up a tolerance to the substance so that more of it is required to get the same effect.

  • Using greater amounts or using the substance for more extended amounts of time.

  • Unable to cut back or quit on your own.

  • A significant amount of time is spent using the substance.

  • The substance use has led to physical health problems, such as liver damage or lung cancer, or psychological issues, such as depression or anxiety.

  • Stopping or skipping activities you once enjoyed.

  • Experiencing cravings for the substance.

Find your freedom from addiction.

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