Recovery Housing

Navigate your new sober life in a stable, supportive living space.

An easier transition to a sober environment.

Numerous studies have shown that people in their early stages of recovery who spend time in transitional housing have better outcomes. Clients who have access to Recovery Housing and treatment are 15.4 times more likely to be abstinent 12 months after treatment.

Our Recovery Housing program allows women to stay in fully furnished individual or family suites on our campus with fellow residents and staff nearby. Having reliable social support and living in a safe, nurturing, drug and alcohol-free environment makes it easier to stay sober after addiction treatment and become better prepared for independent living.

Children under the age of 12 are welcome to live with their mother in our Recovery Housing suites, receiving essential services to keep them on track and together as a family.

Extensive supports to promote sustainable success.

During our residents’ stay in Recovery Housing, we guide them through their healing journey, helping them gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, discover healthy outlets for personal growth, and practice sustainable self-sufficiency.

We provide extensive counseling, employment support, linkage to medical care, and access to the full array of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) levels of care that Hitchcock Center for Women offers.

Recovery Housing services are led by our professional and experienced team of licensed substance abuse clinicians, social workers, counselors, and chemical dependency counselor assistants dedicated to your well-being.

Program Highlights:

  • High-quality, comprehensive case management services offered on site.
  • Intensive, convenient counseling support located in the same building.
  • On-site dining room where nutritious meals are served three times a day.
  • 24-hour housing supervision.
  • 24-hour, on-call crisis support.
  • Support team with specialized training in naloxone administration and access.
  • On-site facilities team to assist with any needed repairs.
  • Residents are expected to keep living spaces clean (a cleaning company maintains all bathrooms).

We’re here to help you move forward, one step at a time.

Call us at (216) 421-0662 to learn more about our supportive Recovery Housing accommodations and services.