Welcome to the Hitchcock Center for Women, the place where healing begins. Our mission at Hitchcock is to wholistically empower women to achieve and maintain productive, chemically free lives at home, work, and in the community.

Why do we say “wholistically”? The “W” means something to the women who come to Hitchcock. They’re often battered, fractured, and frightened, but also looking to change their lives. They may have children. They may be broken, but they are always hopeful. Hitchcock is the only place in the region where these women can receive help and keep their children with them.

The “W” stands for

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  • Achieving WELLNESS
  • Treating WOMEN
  • Making women WHOLE again
  • Preparing women for the WORLD
  • Helping women become ready to WORK – at home and in our community


And when you think of women’s treatment, you should think of Hitchcock.

Our website gives you all of the information you need to understand about our work with these inspiring women.