A Hitchcock Center for Women Success Story
"Where Healing Begins"
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Doris was addicted to drugs and homeless when she walked through the doors of Hitchcock Center for Women with her two-year-old daughter 12 years ago. Today, Doris remains clean and is raising her teenage daughter with gratitude for the inner strength and healing she discovered during her stay with us.

When Doris walked through the doors of Hitchcock Center for Women 12 years ago, she was homeless, jobless, and, in her words, “penniless.” She did not walk in the doors alone, however. At her side was her two-year-old daughter, Terri. Doris knew that Terri deserved better than how they were living and remembers her assessment with Hitchcock: “It was like a dark cloud had been lifted.” Through her assessment, Doris shared the details of how she ended up addicted and homeless. She began 90 days of inpatient treatment that allowed her daughter to stay with her.  Working closely with her counselors, Doris was able to talk honestly and openly about her issues. “Their doors were always open,” Doris said. “I could always come to them when I had a problem. I knew I wasn’t being judged, I wasn’t alone, and I always felt safe.” 

Following her inpatient treatment, she spent time in Hitchcock’s transitional housing, taking advantage of the ongoing counseling, groups, and classes. “I learned how to transition back to life again. I always had a job and paid my bills, but I didn’t know how to handle everyday things when problems in my life came up. It made me grow up, and I learned that feelings do pass, and you don’t have to react to every situation you are in.”

Doris is now 12 years clean, and Terri is 15, an honor roll student and cheerleader. “She has been surrounded by recovery her entire life; that is all she knows. We learned how to talk openly about our feelings with each other while at Hitchcock, and even if I am unhappy with what she shares with me, she is always welcome to share her feelings with me,” Doris reflects. “She is now at the age of dealing with peer pressure, and our experience together helps her decide to say no.” After walking through the doors of Hitchcock 12 years ago, Doris and Terri share their gratitude for the staff and support provided here. “My life was a big storm before Hitchcock. They told me this is the place where healing begins, and that statement is so powerful to me. I found inside of me what was broken, and they helped me to see that what I had been looking for in drugs, alcohol, and men had been inside me all along. I just had to look for it. I got on the road to healing, and 12 years later, I am grateful.”

We’re here to help you move forward, one step at a time.
We’re here to help you move forward, one step at a time.